Patients eligible for FLU inoculation (for ADULTS & CHILDREN of certain ages) - can now book an appointment with Reception. ++ Citizens' Advice free drop in advice here at SAMC - see Local Support Groups left menu for dates ++ Coffee Morning, Saturday November 11th from 10.00-12.00.

Appointments Online

You can book non-urgent appointments with your Doctor online. This saves you from phoning up or calling in to book an appointment and is particularly useful when there is no immediate urgency. You can make a booking up to 8 weeks ahead. If the matter is more pressing it is still worth going online to see if there is a slot available; if not, phone up. (You can’t book online appointments with the nurses because the time slots they have available often vary considerably from week to week).

To register to use the system you will need to visit the medical centre and bring with you:

  • photo ID e.g. passport or driving licence, (or if you don't have photo ID, a paper copy of your driving licence), for governance and confidentiality reasons

  • a completed
    23. Existing Patient - Online Services Application & Consents to additional SAMC services .
    You will see that we are taking this opportunity to offer you additional services which we believe will help our communications with you

  • You will be given your registration ID details enabling you to complete your registration online by clicking the icon below and then clicking on REGISTER, and follow the prompt

This ‘once off’’ registration will also give you access to other online services e.g.. online appointment booking and access to your medical records (see also the 'about our patients' on the left menu)

To use the system  - click the icon below, then either click 'Register' (as described above), or 'Sign in'  when you want to make an appointment.

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