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…. on the 4 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS …we are closed: December 25/26/27/28, and also on January 1st. If you need to consult urgently with a Doctor please call the Medical Centre, listen to the answer phone message to obtain the emergency number, or Phone 111

St.Andrew’s Medical Centre 

wishes you all a very Happy Christmas


Now that Christmas is coming, don’t use the excuse to stop running,

order your prescriptions early, to stop the staff being surly.

Remember it’s a time to be merry, but not tanked up on buckets of sherry.

Whilst enjoying the festive cheer, please watch your intake of beer; we want you to have fun but not regret what you’ve done.

Make sure your first aid box is stocked for those burns, cuts, bruises from knocks.

Remember the elderly and frail around you, pop in say "hi, is there anything I can do?’’

Think of those depressed and alone, would it hurt to pick up the phone?

Diabetics watch out for those carbs, when you are tucking into dinner at Barbs.

If you’re watching your weight stick to some dates, rather than trying the dips on stacked buffet plates.

Mince pies are divine, especially with wine, but remember your statin that night, to stop your chest going tight.

IBS patients avoid mincemeat and sprouts, to reduce that tummy bloating and gas creeping out!

Turkey, and red meat may flare your gout, keep yourself hydrated to prevent a nasty bout.

High blood pressure takes a beating with all that over-eating, any symptoms of a stroke, don’t treat as a joke.

We at St. Andrew’s wish you a restful cheerful time. Yes there will be Santa surrounded by banta but remember the true meaning of Christmas time.


St.Andrew’s Medical Centre

Southborough, Kent

Drs Peter Cottrell, Liz Robson, John Riley, Debbie Mason,

Cathy Bruce, Reshma Rajagopal & Nicola Betts


surgery open: Monday to Friday 08.30-18.00

(emergencies:  Monday to Friday 08.00-18.30)


We have full access and washroom facilities for less able patients; all our rooms are on the ground floor.


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