From April 2021, if you have a long term condition* that requires a regular Annual Review we will be calling you around your MONTH OF BIRTH to arrange this review (unless you have recently had one).

Some of the benefits we hope to provide are:

  • For patients with more than one condition, this system will reduce the number of times you have to attend the surgery as we will conduct all your reviews in one go.
  • At the same time we will aim to bring all your medication into alignment and improve the efficiency and ease by which you can request your medications.
  • Each year patients will know when to expect their rieview so they can also be prepared.
We are doing this for a number of reasons but with the overall aim of improving the care we give you.

Sometimes this review will simply involve some blood tests or a BP check - all being well no further action will be needed. Other times you may need an appointment with a targeted clinician (GP, Clinical Pharmacist, Diabetic Specialist Nurse, Practice Nurse etc). to specifically address your condition as well as any results your tests may identify.

As we start to roll out this service for the first time, you may find that your review will come early or slightly late - depending on when you completed your last one. Please do not worry about this as your GP will continue to monitor your condition, and if you or your GP feels there are any concerns then your review can be initiated at any time to make sure we are on top of anything that arises.

You do not need to do anything at this time, we will call you! If you miss our call, we may leave a voicemail or try to reach you by email or text. Please respond to these follow up’s ASAP so we can book the appropriate appointment for you. 

*The long term conditions included in this plan at present are:

AF, Asthma, Chronic Heart Disease, Chronic Kidney Disease, COPD, Dementia, Diabetes, Heart Failure, Hypertension, Severe Mental Health conditions, Non Diabetic Hyperglycaemia (‘pre-diabetes’), Learning disabilities, Peripheral Artery Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Stroke/TIA.