What is eConsult?

eConsult is our new online system to access your doctor, find self-help information, or for administrative help.

Please note the eConsult service is only available Monday - Friday (it is not available during surgery education afternoons or on bank holidays. Please click here for information on what to do when we are closed).

To request an appointment with a doctor, you will need to complete an eConsult form via the surgery website/NHS app – which means no more waiting on the phone to speak to a member of our Patient Co-ordinator team, saving you time and frustration being on hold.

If you are unable to do an eConsult online (due to no internet access, for example), then you can still contact the surgery and one of our Patient Co-ordinators will ask you a number of questions over the phone. This is to help us direct you to the most appropriate clinician.

Please note, you will not be booked into an appointment at this point. All requests submitted online and over the phone will then be triaged by our clinical team and you will receive a response (be it a telephone appointment, face-to-face appointment, prescription etc) within 48 hours, except for children, who will be responded to on the day.

Appointments with our nurses and HCAs will still be booked the same way as they currently are – by contacting the surgery directly. 

When submitting an eConsult, it is very important that you select the most relevant option for you:

  • ‘I want help for my condition’ if you need medical help and advice. You can use the body map or select from a list of conditions to begin your eConsultation. This is the option we would recommend our patients use to ensure our doctors receive as much information from you as possible about your condition, which in turn means they are better able to help you.
  • ‘I want administrative help’ for things such as test results or sick notes.
  • ‘I want help for my child’ for an eConsult being submitted for a child. It is not possible for parents to submit an eConsult for a child below the age of 6 months. Please contact the surgery directly

Watch the video below for a guide on how to submit an online consultation with eConsult.