Sponsors & Friends

Our Patient Participation Group (PPG) has been working with us on a number of fronts; one of which is fund raising. This enables the practice to buy equipment (as agreed with them) for the benefit of our patients who may otherwise have had to be referred to the hospital. Much of our equipment has to be bought by the Partners; it is not provided by the NHS nor is funding available.


What we do with the funds

So far we have bought a number of 24-hour blood pressure monitors, a Diathermy machine, a Spirometer a portable ECG machine. waiting room information screen and operating licence, and 2 examination couches.
In December 2017 we installed our Self-Health Corner with scales, height measure and blood pressure monitor.

Funds have been raised from:

On behalf of SAMC, the PPG has agreed a number of 1-year sponsorship deals with local firms, all in some way associated with the health and well being of Southborough residents. They pay an annual fee and in return their support is acknowledged via our waiting room information screen, here on our website and in our Newsletters.

  • ONWATCH - local providers of security systems
  • FLYING FISH PROPERTIES local sales and letting agency. They will be making a £100 donation to Diabetes UK for every completion

You will receive no direct contact from them since of course we never divulge contact details.


Friends - Gifts & Donations

We have been very fortunate to receive a number of personal donations. If you would like to make a donation or perhaps have a piece of medical equipment purchased in memory of someone, please contact, SAMC Practice Manager.



The PPG runs events and activities to raise funds: the book store, coffee mornings and cake stalls.



The PPG is always happy to discuss any ideas to help SAMC.