Tests & Results

Heath checks

Purpose: To provide general consultations and examinations as appropriate, for certain age groups of patients.
Eligibility: Any patient over the age of 16 who has not attended the surgery for three years is welcome to book a health check with our nurses. If you are over 75, you will be offered a health check. Health checks are also offered to our patients that are aged between 40-74 once every five years**.
Book an appointment at Reception ** you will receive a letter from SAMC when this is due.

Test results


Blood test

Phlebotomy (Blood tests)

Purpose: To take a sample of blood for laboratory testing.
Eligibility: As ordered by your GP or Practice Nurse.
Book an appointment with the Practice Nurse.
Preparation: If you are asked to have your glucose or cholesterol checked, we ask that you starve for 14-16 hours. We will ask you when booking your appointment whether this is a fasting blood test, and give advice; we will aim to book your appointment as early as possible if you are fasting.


Test results

  • After your test leave at least 2-3 days before calling for results or making enquiries
  • Please call after 15.00 when our telephone lines are less busy
  • Give your full namedate of birthaddress and date of the test
  • Results are received here electronically throughout the day but the reception team cannot give them to you unless the Doctor has seen the results. So please be patient; the reception team are not clinically trained and are following a protocol set by the doctors
  • If your results are normal requiring no further action, we will not normally contact you
  • If your test results are abnormal and require any action a member of the reception team will contact you and pass on information from your Doctor
  • Cervical cytology results (smears) will be posted to you. Please allow at least 4 weeks for these to arrive.