Patient Participation Group

Our PPG was formed in September 2011 and is an independent body which acts as an interface between the patients and the Practice. In addition to its members, two of the GP Partners and the Practice Manager form part of the group.

The aims of the PPG are to:

  1. Assist the practice to serve the community in the most effective way
  2. Encourage a greater commitment to community health
  3. Have an increased awareness to patients' needs
  4. Increase knowledge of local services
  5. Improve the patient experience



Join the PPG

The PPG is drawn from across our patient list. New members are always welcome, please email 

Confidentiality of course prevents the PPG's involvement with issues that relate to specific patients. These are best discussed with your GP or the Practice Manager.

The PPG committee communicates with our patients via this website, newsletter and the information screen in the waiting room.