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  • Purpose: To regularly monitor the blood of patients taking Warfarin. Clinics are held most days by the nurses who offer a one-stop service: test, result, dosage and next appointment.
  • Eligibility: Patients taking Warfarin.
  • Book an appointment: with the Practice Nurse.

Please read our Warfarin advice leaflet


  • Purpose: To offer every patient with Asthma an annual review of their control.
  • Eligibility: All patients with Asthma.
  • Book an appointment: with the Practice Nurse.

Asthma Annual Review Form


  • Purpose: To give advice and assistance to carers. See also CARERS section on the left menu.
  • Eligibility: Anyone who provides unpaid support to family member or friend who could not manage without this help, is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or substance misuse problems.

Find out more about Carers

Child Healthcare

Vaccinations & immunisations
You will receive invitations automatically at the appropriate times. If you have any problems please contact the surgery for advice. Don't forget to bring your child's RED BOOK when you visit SAMC.

Purpose: checks and monitor growths, development and the wellbeing of children.

  • It is very important for children to be immunised against childhood illnesses
  • If you have any questions about immunisations please discuss with your doctor
  • SAMC nurses immunise all children regardless of age

Before coming to surgery, please check the following points:

  • Is your child suffering from any feverish illness? Don’t worry about a runny nose without a fever
  • Does either of the child’s parents or brothers and sisters suffer from epilepsy? Epilepsy in more distant relatives is not considered a problem
  • Is your child taking steroid treatment?
  • Does your child suffer from any disease affecting his/her immune system?
  • Does your child suffer from a severe reaction to eggs?
  • Has your child suffered from a reaction to any previous immunisation injection?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes', then tell your Doctor and/or your Nurse.

Common illnesses and wellbeing 
Guidance for parents and carers of children aged birth to 5 years, common illnesses and wellbeing

Children and drugs
How would you know if your child is on drugs? If you are concerned speak to your doctor.
Look out for: Money problems; ​lying; change in their group of friends; teeth clenching; reduced motivation & trouble with school work; slurred/rapid fire speech; sudden dramatic weight loss/gain; wet lips/excessive thirst.

Childhood tooth decay
Your children might seem fine on the outside, but too much sugar can cause tooth decay and lead to the build up of harmful fat on the inside that you can't see. Fat around vital organs can cause serious disease in the future, e.g. weight gain, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, some cancers.

Community Midwife

Sally Sadler is responsible for ante-natal and early post-natal care provided in close co-operation with the Doctors and the Hospital. Contacted here at the Medical Centre or 01892 638035. 


You can self refer.Contacted via 0800 2799500 (24 hours); out of working hours leave a voicemail message.


  • Purpose: To provide support, and advice to diabetic patients on how to improve their diet and increase exercise. It may entail increasing medication. You will be invited for an annual review, usually during your birthday month; however, if your control is suboptimal, this may need to be more regular.
  • Eligibility: All patients with Diabetes.
  • Book an appointment: Once you have attended your blood test appointment, you will be contacted to arrange your diabetic review with a member of the team.

District Nurses

Provide nursing care to patients in their own homes and give practical advice and assistance to patients, relatives and carers, coping with illness at home.Contacted here at the Medical Centre or direct 01892 526362.

Ear irrigation

  • Purpose: To help patients who are experiencing hearing difficulties.
  • Eligibility: You will need to have your symptoms investigated by your doctor. Please see the information leaflet. You will not be able to have the procedure performed at the initial investigation consultation.
  • Book an appointment: with your GP or one of the nurses to confirm suitability for the ear irrigation procedure and if you have received this confirmation make an appointment with the Practice Nurse.

Please read our Ear Irrigation Advice leaflet

Flu Vaccination

Find information about the flu jab, including who should have it, why and when

Learn more about flu vaccinations on the NHS website

Heath Checks

  • Purpose: To provide general consultations and examinations as appropriate, for certain age groups of patients.
  • Eligibility: Health checks are also offered to our patients that are aged between 40-74 once every five years**.
  • Book an appointment at Reception

** you will receive a letter from SAMC when this is due.

Health Visitors

Look after the welfare and and development of children under 5 years of age.Contacted via their advice line from 09.00-12.00 direct on 03007 900243.

Hypertension and Coronary Heart Prevention

  • Purpose: To monitor, advise and carry out tests on patients suffering from hypertension or coronary heart disease.
  • Eligibility: At risk groups include smokers, overweight people with sedentary lifestyle and those with a family history of heart disease or already diagnosed with hypertension.
  • Book an appointment: at Reception.

Maternity Care

  • Purpose: To provide support and advice to women both before and after giving birth.
  • Ante Natal Clinics are held on Monday and Tuesday afternoons.  Book Post-natal checks and eight-week checks with your doctor.
  • Book an appointment: By online self-referral at Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

Phlebotomy (Blood tests)

  • Purpose: To take a sample of blood for laboratory testing.
  • Eligibility: As ordered by your GP or Practice Nurse.
  • Book an appointment with the Practice Nurse.
  • Preparation: If you are asked to have your glucose or cholesterol checked, we ask that you starve for 14-16 hours. We will ask you when booking your appointment whether this is a fasting blood test, and give advice; we will aim to book your appointment as early as possible if you are fasting.


If you would like an appointment with a physio, please send in an Anima in the first instance which will be reviewed to see if you meet criteria to be referred for treatment.

Shingles Prevention

  • Purpose: To reduce the risk of getting this painful skin disease. The vaccination is given once in a lifetime as a single injection and can be given at any time of the year.
  • Eligibility: Check with Reception
  • Book an appointment: at Reception.

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